A tribute to Duchess Kolfinna

Greetings to the noble populace of the West, from King Titus and Queen eilis.

As many of you no doubt have heard, We have received extremely sad tidings from the Kingdom of Caid.  Duchess Kolfinna Kottr lost a bravely fought battle with the H1N1 virus today, October 1st (yesterday, by the time most will read this).  We had been aware of her illness earlier, but until very recently it appeared (and We had strongly hoped) that she still might pull through.  While she was not a resident of Our Kingdom, she had many friends here, and We know they are all stunned by her loss.

We have already planned a vigil and remembrance for Sir Theodrik of Skane at October Crown, and a tribute and homage to Duchess Kolfinna has been planned to take place at Great Western War.  However, We would also like to offer an opportunity for those who knew Duchess Kolfinna to honor her at October Crown as well.

During the evening's festivities on the Eric, and before We start the vigil for Sir Theodrik, We will have an announcement and a call for a moment of silence for Duchess Kolfinna.  We will then ask for anyone who knew her to come forward, offer a toast, and tell a brief story or anecdote about who Duchess Kolfinna was to them.  We will have a Herald take the names of all those who would like to do this, after Court at the Royal Pavilion so that people can be called by name, and this tribute to Duchess Kolfinna can best be shared with the Kingdom.

We wish to express Our grief in the face of these tragic, unexpected, and untimely losses.  Both of these kind and giving souls will be missed terribly.  We also offer Our Condolences to their loved ones and families.

Please join Us in making these tributes worthy of these two fallen Peers, friends, and companions in the pursuit of Chivalry.

Titus, Rex
eilis, Regina

answer to Sig's question

What I don't understand how you have time to decide to rob from a shot once you have decided to throw it. Well, time for the whole cycle that is. As I understand:

1) You have a combination in mind shot A, then B1/B2 then maybe some Cs
(note that I am assuming that one can have multiple B shots... even this is hard for me)


You can have multiple shots in all three categories


2) You start your shot.


3) You perceive a reaction to that shot


Yes and No when you throw your first a shot you should already have rough idea of how your opponent will respond. If you throw a snap to the head will he stick block and counter shoot of just stick block or well he use his shield to block if so how will he use his shield to block will he use the front corner or the back corner. I know this is lot of information to gather process in an engagement. But there are only so many possible reactions And even fewer likely reaction. What we want now is to narrow it one or two probable reactions. The great news here is that our opponent will help us to accomplish this. How you ask?

Let me set up a scenario.



Your opponent it in a classic high guard sword back shield up

Now let learn how to predict what your opponent will do.

Lets feel him out a bit. To do this I would start by throwing a non committed head snap And watch to see what happens. What I am looking to see is how he reacts. Dose he block with his sword or shield dose he immediately fire a counter attack Dose he punch out to make the block or dose he pull the shield closer to himself to make the block.

This is all information that will be freely given If you start looking for it. Back to our scenario you have thrown a non committed snap your opponent blocks with the front corner of his shield and counter fires a head snap right back at you. No biggie you were not committed in your shot so you where able to block his shot no problem. A draw no ground gained in this exchange right? Wrong you now know how he will react. Reaction is mostly subconscious As such it is likely to be constant unto itself. Practically speaking if some one likes to stickblock their head it takes more thought on their part to block it with their shield. What this mean is when things happen fast they will stickblock there heads

Again back to our scenario now you know how he is going to block your shot. Now you have a few options before you. You can


1)throw something other than a snap as you are reasonably sure he is going to block it


2)try to throw the snap in a way that might make it harder for him to block


3)throw the snap let him block it but use the information we have gleamed to exploit his reaction


Which do you think we are looking for?


If you said 1 you are now throwing a B shot that Is relatively easy to

Block and are very vulnerable to being baited or counter shot.

If you said 2 you are robbing from your next shot  to make your current shot better if I strikes your opponent with sufficient force and he accepts it great if it doesn’t land or isn’t hard enough. You have lost position and time.


Yes the answer I am looking for is 3 look I am not saying that 1&2 won’t get you kills because they can and will. But what we are looking for lies deeper in the fight. We are building a way of thinking and guiding our reactions that will give us more time in a fight thus giving us the ability defeat people


Once again back to our scenario

Knowing that it is very likely that if we throw a snap our opponent will shield block and counter fire a snap. That is exactly what we are going to do. But as we throw the snap we slope step to our opponents sword side making our snap even easier for him to block but killing him with the snap was never our intent was it. As we step to his sword side raise our shield not so much to block the counter shot but to close the entire line of attack as his shot rebounds of your shield he will most likely throw an offside or a wrap if he was smart he would be disengaging at this point but lets assume the he stays if he throws a wrap you short stick him in the head if he throws the offside he has played into our hand we are in a much better offside position than he is we are standing on his sword we are in a position that he cannot use his shield to block our offside he will have to use his sword or get hit in the ribs. Let us assume he chose to live we now slide step to his shield side throwing a deep wrap to his lower back he will have to radically twist just to block the shot. Can you see how we are stealing time in the fight we are getting ahead and our opponent


4) You realize based on (2), that if you rob from A, it will improve, say B2 to B2*
5) You adjust A and roll into B2*

I just never have time to do 3-4-5. So basically I never rob from A.

Sigifrith, who doesn't remember his LJ login assuming he even has one.

not married but

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Fighter theory

The A, B, C approach to SI


Be aware of the shots that you can throw and there threat level as well as what shots your opponent can throw and there threat level in this lies the hart of second intention

I use an A, B, C system for threat assessment


A, easiest to throw, least amount to commitment, Shots Most likely to hit me if I Blink, Least amount of tell


These are the best and most deadly shots


B, these are shots that will kill you if you are not paying attention but are relatively easy to block, But still need to be actively blocked, shots that have a decent amount of tell.


C, throw away shots, shots that are thrown at areas passively defended, Shots with a huge tells and are easily defended against, of shots that require a lot of commitment and leave the thrower open to a counter shot



We don’t waste are time throwing these but we do need to be aware of when are opponent is throwing them first so that we don’t over commit to an unnecessary block and in doing so open a more vulnerably target. Which is exactly what are opponent is hoping we will do.  Second we want to be aware so that we can exploit the situation.


Is the above ambiguous enough for you? Let me try to clear things up a bit. It is not that a shot is and of itself an A, B or C But it has the potential to be An A, B or C  Based upon the situation as dictated by stance, range, sword position, shield type and power generation mechanics


I will need to take some photos to better explain the concept.


I also want to keep these brief so that it is easier for me to stay on point.

I my next post we will have photos and we will discuss Practical applications and drills

Training Journal



A brief recap of Tuesday night

This was the first night I was successful in my attempt to both fight rapier and heavy in the same night. I started out rapier I fought Blayde. He corrected my form and played with me a bit. He is far above my skill level especially because I have no skills at rapier. I currently don’t understand the lines of offence and defense to use the sword properly. I will get it but it will take study that I haven’t as of yet put into it. My second bout was with David the new Mists rapier champion he all so handed me my ass. In a conversation with David he mentioned that in the fencing class he takes at SJ state one of the areas focus is fencing theory and how find that to be the most useful part of the class. I find this most intriguing. This warrants further study, the implications of this thought process could be profound in both rapier and heavy.


At this point I went to go fight heavy my first set was with Sir Geoffrey Scott. He is fighting his new style well. But I was off my game last night took the set but I had to fight way harder than I should have. For example In one fight after I legged him It took me  no less than five passes to kill him. It seldom takes more than one pass for me to kill someone after I have legged them. I was forcing engagement; I was forcing the sword hook, I was not letting him get into a comfortable rhythm so that I could then break the rhythm and kill him, I was being cocky. I need to remind myself that I am only half the fight and must remember to let my opponent into the fight.


My second heavy bout was with Sir Robert of Woodsend. He has a very solid defense especially considering how small of a shield he uses. He is a most impressive fighter.

I was back on my game when I fought Robert it was a good set and went much more in the way I anticipated.


Over all a good night, but the night left me haunted by the thought of fighter theory


Speaking of fighter theory I will post more on second intention today


The way late Training Journal


Sorry about being so late in posting this.

It was a good training session we went a little more in depth than usual because coronet was upcoming and we wanted to give the guys some confidence and some Moves that they might be able to use at the upcoming tournament So to get started we warmed up with some basic foot work drills. ( should  I put descriptions of the drills in each time of is once enough? Let me know what you think?)

 The slope step and the mirror step drill.

I always start with these two drills because I believe good foot work is the foundation for everything else.( the truth is I think I  got that from a D&D book I read as a kid) But never the less I still believe it is true. And it is difficult to for them to pay attention to both footwork and Sword work at the same time.


After the foot work drills.  We wanted to give them something practical that them could draw an immediate use from and would help them in coronet but would grow with them as there skill continued to grow. So we decided to introduce them to the concept of fighting to the second intention.


For those unfamiliar with second intention.

Text book definition

"Second Intention: an action used to draw a response from the opponent, which will open the opportunity for the intended action that follows, typically a counter-riposte."


This is a bare bones definition and in it self not very helpful. I will try to flesh it out a bit if I can. I wish my writing skills were stronger but never the less I will attempt to describe the  concept to the best of my limited writing ability( if you want a more I detailed description find me at an event and give me a swig of scotch)


The first principle of SI Is to always be looking towards your next shot never the shot that you are throwing. ei. If you need to compromise the shot you are throwing to make your next shot better do it but if you are need to compromise your next shot to make the shot you are currently throwing better don’t do it. Why you ask? Because in the first situation you are building a better fight or as I like to think of it stealing time from your opponent. In the second situation you are losing time to you opponent. Time is important you want time you need time stealing time is the best way to beat a superior opponent.    More on this at a later date


The second principle of SI

Be aware of the shots that you can throw and there threat level as well as what shots your opponent can throw and there threat level in this lies the hart of second intention

I use an A, B, C system for threat assessment


A, easiest to throw, least amount to commitment, Shots Most likely to hit me if I Blink, Least amount of tell


These are the best and most deadly shots


B, These are shots that will kill you if you are not paying attention but are relatively easy to block, But still need to be actively blocked, shots that have a decent amount of tell.


C, throw away shots, shots that are thrown at areas passively defended, Shot with a huge tell   


More on this later


I ran kind of long and have barley scratched the surface .

I will continue this as time permits.




I haven’t had that much fun in a long time. The fighting was great every one seemed to have a good time. Props to Duke Hauoc for doing such a fine job of leading the troops.(I think we should make the job more permanent perhaps a two year term) Un western I know. But I think the idea has merit. Regardless he did an outstanding job once again. It was good to get to fight beside some good friends that I haven’t fought within a while.

The west mobile party was off the hook fun we have to do that again I don’t have the words to describe how much fun it was and I was sober. And to top of the event Sunday we played in the rapier blood of heroes tournament. It was a blast the Black tigers swept it I will be back next year


Training but not

No real training to post about this week. I blew of practice on Tuesday because I suck. Well not really I was stressed and frustrated not really in a state of mind were I should go and hit people.(Don’t worry I’m good know) Wednesday was canceled do to GWW.

But I had to go to the shire meeting anyway. I think it was a very good meeting but More about that later. I was able to make a left handed sword. I think my next evolution in my fighting will be learning to fight left handed. I think it would be so cool to switch hands during a fight. The Classic “ah what you do not know is that I am not left handed “moment. That would rock. I used to do it when I first started and fought center grip round.  The shield was so heavy I had to switch arms between fights. Anyway I am going to do a Fourth of my training left handed and so what that does for me.


Now lets talk about Crown the fun stuff not the crap.


First round I was challenged by Kern he is a new guy I respect him a lot for making the challenge he made. He came out swinging and didn’t take any thing lying down. A good way to go into your First crown list. I look forward to watching him grow.


Second round I drew Niall A up and coming unbelt.  He put up a good fight. He has lowered his aggression level quite a bit since I last fought him. I think this will serve him well in the long run. As he will be able to pay closer attention to what his opponent is doing. He is continuing to make good improvement to his fight


Third round I fought Faelen He is making dramatic improvements in his fighting He is a go to practice try hard never give up type of guy. He will continue to improve. The main thing he is going to have to work to overcome is his cockiness It blurs the line between an educated risk and a blind gamble. He’ll get over it after all he and Loay are my dark horses for coronet



Forth round I drew Thorgrim I love you man but you need to come to practice more


Fifth round I fought Viscount Sir Robert of Woodsend.  He Always is a good fight. This man has incredible footwork I solid defenses And a strong offenses. He also possesses one of my favorite kit on the field As always it was a pleasure to cross swords with him.



Sixth round Herzog Mathias I hope I spelled that right what can I say the man is a god on the fighting field. In my opinion he is easily one of the top five fighters in the kingdom. This fight was my favorite fight of the day.


Seventh round I fought Duke Rolf the Relentless We all ways seem to bump into each other in crown. It was a fun fight as always. At one point in the fight I did hook His hand and arm with my shield sorry about that.


Eighth round I had the distinct pleasure to fight Georg of Glaciersedge. I just love this guy. When I went up to Oertha this guy fought like a polar bear ten years later he is even better. If he keeps coming down I think he stands an excellent chance at a crown And he is the coolest guy you ever meet.


Semis It was to be me and Ob Interesting enough Ob was my first fight ever in a crown list hell he was my first fight ever as an authorized fighter as I got authorized just I time to sign up for the list. Funny thing is ten years later and I was just as nevous.



Finals well you all know what happened there and I am done talking about it

My side of the story

With my consort's agreement, I yielded crown finals to Jade. For the record I would have yielded to any of the other semi finalists should they have met me in Finals. It was not about Jade in any way shape or form. It was also not about the crap on the chiv list. But no one believes that. The crap on the chiv list did influence what I said when I addressed the populace.  Perhaps I should have been more careful with my words. But my words were spur of the moment as I did not start the day thinking that I was going to do what I did. I can tell you that I made my decision after I fought OB.  When I came off of the field I was spoken to by another knight saying I did not turn him enough out out the sun, and this was the second time this knight made this same complaint to me.  The first time was an earlier fight with Sir Robert of Woodsend. Both of whom I did ask about the sun before engaging and they were fine. This was the spark that set me off. Not the cause but just what pushed me over the edge.
The other underlining issues were the following - 1.  Being personally accused of Cheating and only wanting to win and being told I fight for the wrong reasons.  2.  It got back to me from a friend in AnTir that a Western Knight was up there saying that the only reason I won Crown was I had a big shield and I won't take arm shots.  3. In addition we the Spartans are responsible for the devolution of western fighters.

So I thought you know what - I don't need this.  I'll show them what I am really about.
My intention was for it to be a large Chivalric Gesture about the real reasons we fight.  That winning Crown is not the most important thing we fight for and in fact it is pretty low on the list.  Under things like fun, honor and camaraderie.  It was meant to be a sacrifice, it was meant to be a chivalric deed.  It was meant to prove that I am not the person I am accused of being.  It was not meant to be political.  But that is what it has become for some and how it will be remembered by most.  And for that I am sorry.

P.S Jade did ask that we fight it out and we did