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A tribute to Duchess Kolfinna - sir_titus
October 2nd, 2009
08:54 am


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A tribute to Duchess Kolfinna
Greetings to the noble populace of the West, from King Titus and Queen eilis.

As many of you no doubt have heard, We have received extremely sad tidings from the Kingdom of Caid.  Duchess Kolfinna Kottr lost a bravely fought battle with the H1N1 virus today, October 1st (yesterday, by the time most will read this).  We had been aware of her illness earlier, but until very recently it appeared (and We had strongly hoped) that she still might pull through.  While she was not a resident of Our Kingdom, she had many friends here, and We know they are all stunned by her loss.

We have already planned a vigil and remembrance for Sir Theodrik of Skane at October Crown, and a tribute and homage to Duchess Kolfinna has been planned to take place at Great Western War.  However, We would also like to offer an opportunity for those who knew Duchess Kolfinna to honor her at October Crown as well.

During the evening's festivities on the Eric, and before We start the vigil for Sir Theodrik, We will have an announcement and a call for a moment of silence for Duchess Kolfinna.  We will then ask for anyone who knew her to come forward, offer a toast, and tell a brief story or anecdote about who Duchess Kolfinna was to them.  We will have a Herald take the names of all those who would like to do this, after Court at the Royal Pavilion so that people can be called by name, and this tribute to Duchess Kolfinna can best be shared with the Kingdom.

We wish to express Our grief in the face of these tragic, unexpected, and untimely losses.  Both of these kind and giving souls will be missed terribly.  We also offer Our Condolences to their loved ones and families.

Please join Us in making these tributes worthy of these two fallen Peers, friends, and companions in the pursuit of Chivalry.

Titus, Rex
eilis, Regina

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